Image Isba Institute of Professional Studies

ISBA is a premier institute that has accentuated the positive aspects of management degrees through extensive research. Our programmes are aimed at grooming an individual by providing him industry exposure, acquainting him with nitty-gritty of the corporate world and giving an International platform to transcend the horizons.

ISBA is recognised by M.P. Govt.Department of Higher Education and affiliated to D.A.V.V.A management student coming out of the Institute is bound to be an outstanding individual who is well-versed with management acumen.

After completion of the programme, we have a well-groomed management professional who is ready to plunge into the corporate world and appear as a vanguard in the corporate circuits. Also our students get ready for challenges towards getting into further degree qualifications.ISBA is not only produces great management scholars but also takes up social initiatives, researches and constant developments in the programs to keep ahead in the leap of future.