Top Best Colleges In Indore – 2021 Rankings, Fees, Placements …

Top Best Colleges In Indore - 2021 Rankings, Fees, Placements ...
Top MSW colleges in Indore

Top MSW colleges in Indore

The objectives of the MSW (Social Work) course are offered in ISBA College INDORE and focused on preparing the candidates for a career as a professionally trained social worker and is aimed at inculcating in them attitudes and values necessary for working with people and organizations for achieving the goals of the social work profession.The duration of the course shall extend over 4 semesters (Two years) and consists of theory courses / papers (Core, Electives) and Field Practicum, Research Project, Summer placement, Block placement and Study tour. Besides the above, the students should also undergo soft-skills courses to enhance their employability and employment skills. To meet the societal requirements, the course is offered with three major specializations in: (a)Labour Welfare and Personnel Management (b)Urban and Rural Community Development and (3)Medical and Psychiatric Social Work The first year of the course will be focusing on Social Work theories and methods and during the second year an intensive specialization based training will be provided. At the end of the course, the students will be able to groom themselves and develop necessary competencies to function as professionally trained social workers with the required knowledge and skills to work as managers and change agents in the challenging fields of Social Development and Human Resource Management sectors.

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